Hello, I am Jordan Kratz the owner of Gore Productions and I would like to give you some advice on submitting your work.Since the late 1970's I have spent countless hours in a variety of studios and now I want to help out to save you money and time on your projects.

1.Always use common sense.Think through your project and have it all mapped out beforehand

2.Make sure you have all your films/tapes/art/music/etc together and all are properly labeled by number in the order to work/record with

3.Try to have any tapes cued to the spot of the first edit beforehand

4.Be Precise about any edits to be done.We need a description and a proper timecode.If no time code then a proper "realtime" from your watch will be helpful.VCR time displays are hard to cue up but we can give it a shot.Those times are read in a series of 4-5 numbers.

5.Tell us of any audio problems to fix.Give us a description of what you are hearing and where it is occurring.

6.Filmmakers with Audio Problems remember that every scene will have been recorded differently and probably in a different location so you should send us Audio from the "separate" locations labeled and we will fix your film scene by scene.

7.For Lawyers and Others who need Forensic Audio Work we can fix most problems enabling you to hear conversations but I wanted you to know we do not appear in court hearings.We are a technical company offering only to fix bad audio.If a court session is required you will need to contact us and we can then determine if it is possible to do this.

8.If you have old films you should "clean" them a bit beforehand.This will save me time and you money or a film transfer job.

9.Film Transfers Jobs note that small reels are around 4 minutes, medium reels are around 15 minutes, and large reels are around 30 minutes.

10.Contact me and I can generally give you advice and knowledge to save you time and money on your job.


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