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     Lots of services to talk about here.Gore Productions can do a variety of Audio, Video, Graphic, and Computer Jobs.We have been doing business now since 1988 and the owner, Jordan Kratz has over 25 years experience working in these fields.

Recently Portland held a World Film Festival.Famous Directors,Films,and Awards as well as speakers.It was a great festival and the Katahdin Award given out to Maine Filmakers was Nyarlathotep Directed by Christian Matzke and Edited here at Gore Productions.Audio recording and mixing were done here as well.Gore Productions also provided audio and technical advice.A black and white filmlook was also developed for this picture by Jordan.


    So next on the agenda is my moonlighting work under the name of Gore Productions.I offer a lot of audio,video,and graphic design services.If you are a musician looking to master your audio recording on to CD,DVD or high quality DAT we can do that for you and we can remove hiss,crackle,and distortion from vinyl,tape,or video in real time using the CEDAR AUDIO RESTORATION system.This self contained unit removes unwanted noise in a non-destructive way..I could do a demo for you if interested.Also audio output can be on to a CD,DVD or a small run of 10-20 CD's,etc.Makes it easy for the small band to put their music out DIY style.I also am set up for Graphic Designing.Cover art could be developed here.For more info on the Cedar System you should check out  Fraser Jones of INDEPENDENT AUDIO who is the dealer for the CEDAR products or check out the main Cedar Audio Company website which will help out a lot to understand the gear Cedar Audio makes.

   We offer quality film transfers to DVD or VHS using a 3 CCD Camera and a beautiful Matte-White Screen.We mostly do 8MM and Super 8MM film.If you want this to DVD we can do some real cool advanced menus for your family's enjoyment and the preservation of your family's archives.

    We also have access to Digidesign Pro Tools TDM System with 24 tracks recording directly into a Macintosh Computer.We are doing Mastering,Sequencing, and Recording.We can master to DAT/,DVD or CD One Offs.Our DAT Deck is capable of 96k Sampling.We are also using a Windows 98 portable lunchbox computer with 3 Cedar Audio boards for mastering and restoration work.And we use a third computer which runs Digidesign Pro Tools LE with a Rackmount Digi 002.

   We have the power to clean up your old live recordings and archive them to CD or DVD.We can repair some or all damage due to poor recording,tape hiss,and other known artifacts that can destroy a good song.We can also repair artifacts on a single track which could save a great take otherwise destroyed.Drop me an e-mail and I can quote you some prices pertaining to the type of work needed to be done.

Our third computer also has a video editing suite setup and can either digitize your video or do editing for you.We can output to DVD,Digital Video,VHS,S-VHS,or digitized uncompressed or compressed video downloadable on a private secured FTP Site.We are now doing DVD Authoring as well.Also we can scan your color photos and output to an FTP Site.We have a Intel Core2 CPU with Two Gigs of fast 800mhz RAM,240 Gigs of UWSCSI320 15,000RPM Drives running  Digital Video Capture and a 24BIT  Firewire Audio Interface.My editing rates are reasonable especially geared to the artist and musician.Let me know if I can be of assistance with your project.

We will also do location filming with a Sony HDR-FX1 HDV camera capable of 1080i resolutions. We also use pro-quality microphones instead of any in-camera microphone. We own a decent Manfrotti Tripod for those fluid non-jerky zooms and any panning of the camera. Lighting is also available on video shoots.

We will do any of your graphic design needs. Mostly we are involved with cover art and booklets for CD/DVD/Vinyl releases of local and national artists. We are also capable of designing various types of printed material like books, magazines, or fanzines.

DVD Authoring is available and we can do Hollywood Film Type Menus, Simple Menus or have your film play. We can do DVD or VHS loops that play forever if you have a need of displaying a company product through a television. Companies that have a "kiosk" or a TV Display may have a need for this type of project .We can work with your art department or an artist to import your unique art into any design or authoring project. Whatever your needs are we will create a unique and creative look for your project and we will regularly submit our work in progress for your approval.

Satisfaction is always guaranteed. If there is any problems we will refund your money. We will keep you in touch with any aspect of your work in progress. Audio or graphics and small video shots can be accessed via our secure FTP Site giving you even daily access to your work in progress. Approval of our work can be quickly taken care of to meet any of your needs.

More information here on the CEDAR AUDIO work I do under Gore Productions.Just click here for the info.

Gore Productions Rates information is here.Check out some of our prices for services we do.     

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